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Armored Cars

August 12, 2010

I’m fascinated with armored cars. It’s probably the little boy in me that thinks it’d be really cool to roll around town in a bulletproof truck instead of my SUV. I’ve attended more than a few armored car conferences, met with a lot of armored service company owners and employees and I’ve grown to respect what a serious business it really is.

Any time you move a lot of money, people – sometimes the wrong people – just know about it. If you’re a store owner, your employees know what time you go to the bank; even their friends know what time you go to the bank. People know when money moves. Armored services use a big, intimidating armored vehicle to keep the money and more importantly, the guards, safe. It puts everyone on notice that moving money is a serious business and “don’t mess with me”. Now this seems like a thankless job. You have huge responsibility (don’t lose any money!), you walk into a retail location and all eyes are on you, and the pay structure is probably low for the risk involved.

Surprisingly not everyone uses an armored service to move their money. There’s a guy on our team who used to work in the armored business, I love his line:  “a lot of business owners will pay someone to pick up their trash but not their cash”. And I’ve discovered it’s true. It’s astounding how many restaurant owners out there who have the manager take the day’s receipts to the bank (remember, everyone knows when money moves) and pay $35 for that truck to empty the trash dumpster. If you can only afford one of those 2 services, why wouldn’t you have each employee take a bag of trash to the dump after the shift and have professionals pick up your cash? How crazy is it not to secure the very thing you’re in business for?

So the next time you see one of those burly armored cars belching diesel exhaust, have some compassion for the folks who are taking a lot of risk to keep others money safe!

~Bob Walters

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