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Secrecy vs. Security

August 23, 2010

Storing cash in the proverbial mattress – everyone knows what that means yet I bet no one actually keeps their money in a mattress. What about a donut box? Seems that does happen. A Krispy Kreme clerk accidently gave away the days receipts to a customer…$5,000 in a donut box because the store owner either didn’t have a mattress or a safe…

There’s 2 ways to secure money, one is secrecy, the other is security. Mattresses and Krispy Kreme boxes fall into the first category, if no one knows you have it they aren’t likely to steal it. The second is security: steel, locks, alarms, cameras. Being proactive to guard your assets seems to be the way to go.  Which do you use?

~ Bob Walters

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