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Check Scanner Monitoring Tools – the next ‘big thing’ in RDC?

August 30, 2010

Teller and merchant remote deposit capture (RDC) are gaining momentum … many institutions have deployed hundreds or even thousands of desktop scanners remotely to capture paper check deposits from locations far from the bank thus saving customers time and energy when making check deposits.

The next challenge is: how will the banks’ operations support staffs effectively manage those scanners after their deployed and keep them up and running?

That’s were intelligent monitoring software comes in.  Remote management of check scanners should be a part of any advanced RDC Solution deployed by financial institutions, corporations and businesses in a distributed environment.

There are tools to monitor devices used on a daily basis, such as ATMs, which help support staffs to be proactive and responsive to problems with equipment thus increasing customer satisfaction and reducing expense.

Desktop check scanners are no different.  Monitoring software can provide a huge advantage by providing near-real time information about the health and performance of the scanners.

And what about the cost savings associated with the tracking and support for scanners in the field?  The use of remote scanner monitoring tools will allow IT and help desk support staff to more quickly and accurately recognize problems with lower cost solutions that do not for example require replacing the scanner where is may not be needed.

And who couldn’t use every tool available to give your support staff an edge in solving problems proactively?

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