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Stick ‘em up! Oh wait, they won’t rob “you”

September 8, 2010

According to the FBI 2008 Uniform Crime Report, a gas station or convenience store is robbed every 15 minutes. Crimes of convenience, a quick in-and-out, the whys are many. The “robbees” may not be engaged- it’s not their money or their store; maybe the location provides a fast getaway – door-to-car, car-to-freeway; the illusion of lots of cash in the place. Statistics show most thieves do at least a cursory case of the place: how many people are likely to be around, are there cameras, does there seem to be plenty of cash. Or maybe they have firsthand knowledge – a recent study shows 65% of convenience store and QSR robberies were committed by people with inside knowledge of the opportunity. A friend-of-a-friend who used to work there.

Many people think “I’ve never been robbed, it won’t happen to me”, but I bet you have life insurance and haven’t died yet… The day will come.

If you own a business, it behooves you to show by example that the cash is locked up, and only the armored carrier and a manager – at the same time – have access. Then the inside knowledge becomes “there’s no opportunity here”.

~ Bob Walters

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