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Life Without Data

October 12, 2010

I’m traveling outside the country, and took the advice of my cell phone carrier to set my smartphone option to “turn off data roaming”. I’m addicted to my smartphone and love to keep on up news, stocks, scores, maps, all the little icons beckoning to “click me for data”.

At breakfast alone this morning I longed for my data, heeding the advice not to roam, lest I go broke as my phone soaks up data.

Being in the business of cash counting networked safes, data is what we offer. Sure you get security and loss prevention, but today most companies run their business on data for a competitive edge. When you become accustomed to the data and the data isn’t there, you realize how important it is to you. When I was a kid, while really, really young (& I’m not dating myself here) I remember shopkeepers writing down your purchase amounts on the side of your shopping bag, adding it up, and that was your total and your receipt – don’t ask me how they paid their taxes.

I wouldn’t trade that for my data rich smartphone, and I think our clients wouldn’t trade their cash data for the days of brown bag receipts. But who knows about those taxes…

~Bob Walters

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