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Tis the Season to be Cautious…

December 7, 2010

In the few short weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Americans will spend billions of dollars shopping for holiday bargains.  While increasing numbers of shoppers choose to take their business to the worldwide web, old-fashioned brick and mortar retail stores are predicted to hit record sales figures this holiday season.  However, with increased foot traffic and cash on hand, sales figures aren’t the only numbers on the rise.  In an economic climate characterized by unemployment and financial uncertainty, the risk of fraud or robbery increases for retailers across the United States.

Keeping employees and customers safe is a primary concern for retailers during the busy holiday season.  Proper cash-handling procedures, secure storage, and discrete cash pick-ups and deliveries are just a few practical strategies for mitigating risk.  By limiting cash exposure within the store, retailers restrict the number of opportunities for robbery or internal fraud.  Furthermore, by analyzing sales data, traffic patterns, and cash volumes, retailers are able to adjust staffing and security measures in accordance with customer behavior.

With so much riding on holiday performance, retailers must focus on security measures and best practices that provide protection without compromising customer experience.  Tighter inventory controls and increased staff size are traditional, costly methods for achieving enhanced store security.  Clearly, in a market where more and more consumers are taking their business online, retailers need the help of cutting edge technology to remain relevant and safe during the holidays.


~Jeff Hauser

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